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Name: Angel
Age: 29
Location: Arizona
Size: 22
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: blue
Where did you hear about xbb_beautiesx? Just came across it.


Music: 80's, gothic-industrial, new-age
Movies: Shrek, The Craft, Talanted Mr.Ripley
Books: various hard-to-find books on the occult
Band/Musician: voltaire, rasputina, delerium
Actors/Actresses: Rose McGowen (sp?)
Authors: Poe has always been my all-time favorite
Television Show: Gilmore Girls (I can't help it)
Food: chinese
Drink: water, milk, diet pepsi (it tastes better then regular pepsi IMO)
Hobbies: reading, photography, clubbing, dancing


Rain or Sun: rain
Black or White: black
Fruits or Vegetables: both
East Coast or West Coast: east
Courtney Love or Britney Spears: neither
Cake or Pie: pie

Lastly, answer these questions:

Why are you proud to be a bbw/bbm? Because the weight never came off after having three kids and lets face it.. there are some really cute clothes out there for us.. ;P

If you had a choice to be big and beautiful or skinny and unhappy for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why?

Tough question.. but I would have to say big and beautiful because I know at this moment, no matter how skinny I *could* be, I would always see myself as big when I look in the mirror and therefore I would always be unhappy. If I accept the way I am now then others will accept me and my life will be happier in the long run. (If that makes any sense...) Besides, my husband loves me for who I am, not what I look like.


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