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Name: Roxy
Age: 16
Location: Bay City, Michigan
Size: 18 I believe. I haven't checked recently.
Hair Color: Dark brown with light brown spots.
Eye Color:  Green with teal specks.
Where did you hear about </strong></font>xbb_beautiesx? I was looking around in interests for some communities I could join. I saw this one and decided to try it out.


Music: I like positive, meaningful music. Music that serves a purpose, not about "rattlesnakes who don't commit suicide". Things like that are just useless words mixed in with noise. If you have a talent, why not use it to better the world? Bring up people's hopes? Make things aware that aren't. It just annoys me. (sorry, I'm ranting). And I really, really like 80s music. =D George Michael and Billy Idol are my heros.
Movies: Like my music I'm trying to get into movies with meaning behind them- SLC Punk!, Saved! Edward Scissorhands, but then again I do like some fun movies that just make you happy- Footloose, Pretty In Pink, Indiana Jones, (I'm not prudish 24-7)
Books: Annette Curtis Klause. Her book The Silver Kiss made me cry, and I want to read it again and again and again.
Band/Musician: Billy Idol, Orgy, Blindside, Relient K, 88 MPH(a local band), Lifehouse, Skillet, George Michael, Rick Springfield, J. Giles Band, Kenny Loggins,
Actors/Actresses: I love Jennifer Tilly, Kirstie Alley, and Kate Beckinsale.
Authors: Annette Curtis Klause.
Television Show: The O.C., Degrassi, X Play, Nip/Tuck, CSI
Food: Meatless Tacos (soy), fruit smoothies, strawberries, frozen grapes, bananas. Bananas make me happy.
Drink: I don't like alcohol, (I'm also under the legal age to consume it), but for drinks I like fruit smoothies with soy milk. mm mm mm.
Hobbies: writting- I love to write. I write and draw all the time and constantly look for muses. I also direct my own "screenplays" (some things I write and sometimes take a camera to), I act a little, sing at my church, read, play on the computer, etc.


Rain or Sun: Rain- it's so beautiful and peaceful and refreshing. The rain is absolutley gorgeous and just, beautiful to watch and play in.
Black or White: White
Fruits or Vegetables: Fruits for sure!
East Coast or West Coast: East Cost (with the exception of New York). It just seems more peaceful and less busy.
Courtney Love or Britney Spears: um, neither? Britney Spears, then. Though I'm not a fan of either, I'd rather have Britney Spears for anything than Courtney
Cake or Pie: Cake. I like cake.

Lastly, answer these questions:

Why are you proud to be a bbw/bbm? I dont know if I'm proud of where I am currently. I'd like to lose weight and be healthy. If I were healthy I'd be happy, and deffinatley proud.

If you had a choice to be big and beautiful or skinny and unhappy for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why? Big. As long  as I am happy then I'll be okay. I mean, I'm content now, because I have good friends and I'm optimistic, and I have faith. That's all I need.


101_0244.jpg 101_0089.jpg 101_0094.jpg 101_0104.jpg

I hope you like my application.

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