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hey all!
i just joined &...


Age: 21
Location: denver, colorado
Size: top large or medium depending on what it is, bottoms - usually 18 but sometimes i can fit into a 16 depending on where i'm shopping
Hair Color: black & blonde
Eye Color: dark brown
Where did you hear about xbb_beautiesx? when i was looking up mia tyler on the interest page, i found this site & i just thought it was great. <3


i like loads of different stuff, everything from 80s pop, 60s, 70s & 80s rock, well all rock n roll really, um, 50s & 60s oldies..i just love music.
Movies: almost famous, lord of the rings, deuces wild, rebel without a cause
Books: dizzy & jimmy: my life with james dean, hollywood & precious
Band/Musician: senses fail, led zeppelin, my chemical romance, good charlotte, westlife, riddlin kids, kelly osbourne, head automatica, a static lullaby, the cure...
Actors/Actresses: dominic monaghan, james dean, brad renfro & kate hudson
Television Show:
what not to wear, reno 911, so graham norton, entourage, anything on bbc america, LOST
Food: i love italian food & cajiun food
Drink: v8, & jones strawberry lime soda
Hobbies:going to concerts, friends & family, photography & cosmetology


Rain or Sun:
depends, i love the sun but sometimes i really enjoy the rain
Black or White: both
Fruits or Vegetables: fruits
East Coast or West Coast: east coast, easily
Courtney Love or Britney Spears: i don't like either very much, but i'd have to say britney spears
Cake or Pie: cake

Lastly, answer these questions:

Why are you proud to be a bbw/bbm?
i'm proud because i'm a bbw. that's just the way life is, i've always been chubby, & i'm ok with that. everyone is the way the are for one reason or another
& you should be proud & love yourself no matter what. i'm big, i'm pretty, i have a good personality & a great sense of humor, & i'm incredibly proud of it all. i've worked to become who i am today.
If you had a choice to be big and beautiful or skinny and unhappy for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why? i'd definently pick big & beautiful because maybe you're thin, but if you're unhappy, then what's the point? i mean really..if you're going to be miserable, then that's not cool. i'd rather be me & be the way i am, a big girl & live a great happy life.


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