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Hi Everyone-I just joined the community :D (My Application)


Name: Kristen
Age: 21
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Size: Top-Large or XL Bottoms-20/22
Hair Color: Dyed Black With Atomic Pink In My Bangs
Eye Color: Hazel
Where did you hear about xbb_beautiesx? I actually found it when I clicked on Mia Tyler in my interests and it brought up a huge list of different communities so I just browsed around and liked what I saw so far in here.


Music: EVERYTHING 80s! 50s/60s Rock (Well anything really from that genre as well), Classic Rock, Alternative Rock, Old School Punk, Emo, Indie, Screamo..and lots of other stuff!!
Movies: The Breakfast Club, 16 Candles, Pretty In Pink, St. Elmos Fire, Dirty Dancing, Dirty Dancing Havanna Nights, Sid N Nancy, Napolean Dynomite, Garden State, The Other Sister
Books: In all honesty I haven't had much time to read lately. But I do like to occasionally browse thru my older sisters huge collection of serial killer books and solving murder type ones..she's normal I swear :P
Band/Musician: The Cure is my fav!! Billy Idol, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, Howie Day, The Killers, Matchbook Romance, Maria Mena, Black Eyed Peas, Brand New, Green Day, The Beatles, The Monkees, Poison, Warrant, Def Leopard, Feeling Left Out, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Cyndi Lauper, Finch, Taking Back Sunday, JamisonParker, Straylight Run, Fuel, Eve 6, Fall Out Boy, The Early November, Hidden In Plain View, Allister, The Ataris, Matchbox 20, Senses Fail, The Movielife, Hot Hot Heat, The Starting Line, Thursday, Mad Caddies, Rx Bandits, Something Corporate, The Used, New Found Glory, Feeling Left Out, Dashboard Confessional, MxPx..and many many others!!
Actors/Actresses: Sean Penn, Ed Norton, Vince Vaughn, Judd Nelson, Johnny Depp, Kelly Osbourne, Julia Roberts, Liv Tyler (Mia even tho she models), Juliette Lewis, Clea Duvall
Television Show: Buffy The Vampire Slayer!!, Angel, The L Word, Life As We Know It, The Osbournes
Food: French Fries, Turkey Burgers, Chicken Fingers, Pasta
Drink: Iced Lattes, Diet Coke w/Lime
Hobbies: Writing, Shopping, Creating Things, Photography, Playing Playstation II


Rain or Sun: Sun
Black or White: Black-But both together are nice too.
Fruits or Vegetables: I like both-but fruit wins by a little.
East Coast or West Coast: East Coast
Courtney Love or Britney Spears: Courtney Love
Cake or Pie: Either

Lastly, answer these questions:

Why are you proud to be a bbw/bbm? I am proud to be big and beautiful because of the fact that I am me. I am who I am-big, beautiful, different, and unique and that makes me special and very proud. I was made this way for a reason so I mean come on what is not to love about that? How could I not be proud. I mean don't get me wrong I get depressed at times but don't we all? I am proud to be who I am-yes I am big but that doesn't mean I am any less of a beautiful woman.
If you had a choice to be big and beautiful or skinny and unhappy for the rest of your life, which would you choose and why? I would chose to be big and beautiful. I love who I am, and I know someone out there will love me as well, because I refuse to change for anyone, because if I did I wouldn't be me. Why? Because I am comfortable in my own skin, and wouldn't wanna be miserable and uncomfortable for the rest of my life. I am happy and fine just the big beautiful way I am ♥
Here are some pics of me for you all to see :)

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