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In Mike's car in San Fran

The face that Mike loves.

Hair face~?

Me and Amber on my birf-day

My birfday cake~!! :)

Mikeroach2k, Mylissadirt_diva22, and Amberrxy_srfer_7

Laughin' it up... ;P

We're such sluts.. lol

Charlie's Angels~?

Fuck you.

I think we were all drunk at this point. Can you tell~?

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aww, so cute!

I like that face too. Makes me think you're saying "GRR" hehe
Hehe.. thanks ;)

just looking at different communities and came across this one.
your pics are so cute! you are so adorable! i love your hair and eye make-p and yeah i will stop rambling and just let you know you are absolutely adorable!! ♥
Thanks doll face~! I like ur hair... assuming that's you in your el jay icon. ;)